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What Click Actions are available on Mindstamp?

A Click Action is what happens when a viewer clicks an interaction, such as a Button, Hotspot, Text, or Image. This new !

Mindstamp is proud to offer over 20 unique click actions you can use within your video:

Open a URL link to your website, store, or blog
Used to send traffic to external websites such as your Contact Page or Product Page
Opens in a new tab by default

Open a URL link in a pop-up window on top of the video
Will not leave the video like the normal "Open Link" action will
Modal must be closed for video to continue playing

Change Time:

Seek to a different time in the video, such as 0:30
Can be used for in-video video branching

Switch Video:

Seamlessly switches to a new interactive video
Used primarily for video branching

Switch to Previous Video:

In a branching experience, this returns the viewer to the video they were watching before the current one
Often used when you have a base "Menu" video and want to let viewers explore different branches, and then come back to the Menu

Show Message

Pauses the video and shows a message of your choosing
Often used for education and training scenarios, where you want to provide information, instruction, or confirmation
Accepts HTML within the message for full styling control

Open Image:

Pauses the video and shows an image of your choosing
Often used to show graphs, diagrams, maps, information flyers, or other education-focused materials

Open GenieAI:

Opens Genie, Mindstamp's AI assistant that is trained on your video content
Allows viewers to ask questions and get answers that come from the video transcript as well as additional data supplied by you
Provides clickable timestamps with each answer that shows where the information is being discussed

Ask ChatGPT:

Allows your viewers to use general ChatGPT from within your video
Helpful if they need to be reminded of something, such as a formula or idea

Download File:

Allow viewers to download a file (PDF, Image, Doc, etc) of your choosing when clicked
Does not work on iOS (Apple does not allow file downloading)

Add to Cart:

Adds a product to the in-video shopping cart when using the Shopify Integration
Allows multiple items to be added to the cart throughout the video, viewer can check out when they choose

Play Video Clip

Pauses the video and plays a short video clip of your choosing on top of the main video
"Picture in picture"

Play Audio Clip

Pauses the video and plays a audio video clip of your choosing on top of the main video
Cannot be played while the video is also playing, must be paused

Start Email

Open the viewer's email client and start an email to the address of your choosing

Start Call

Starts a phone call to the number of your choosing (mobile-only)
If not on mobile, displays the number that should be dialed

Collect Response

Show a quick response box with a short prompt
Used often for providing feedback or gathering input at the viewer's discretion

Open Magic Menu

Opens the static Magic Menu that can be designed for viewers

Connector (GET request)

Execute an GET request against a pre-configured endpoint
Can be used to personalize the video, e.g. ask the viewer for their zip code and then get the current weather and display it

Connector (POST request)

Execute an POST request against a pre-configured endpoint
Can be used to send collected data to an API of your choosing immediately

Track and Continue

Track the click and resume the video (no action)


Tracks the click and continues, but does not have any click animation attached

Most of these click actions can also happen without viewer interaction via Navigations.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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