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How does the Lead Capture work? How can I get viewer name and email?

Lead Capture is a powerful feature offered by Mindstamp that lets you collect viewer name, email address, phone number, custom ID, and more at the time of your choosing.

To configure lead capture on a video, head to the Lead Capture tab. From there, you can first choose which fields you want to capture, including adding custom fields if you need:

Next, you can choose when the viewer should be prompted to give the requested information. The default is Before Video Plays, which will prompt them as soon as they press play.

This is the ideal setting in a training or education scenario, where the viewer must complete the video. However, in a marketing or sales context, this won't be ideal since most people will probably leave the video instead of supplying their information before they've seen any value. In this case, you have other options:
At Specific Time: Show the form at a pre-defined timestamp
At First Interaction: Show the form the first time they interact, such as clicking a button or answering a question
At Specific Interaction: Only show the form when they interact with a chosen interaction

Next, you can choose whether this info is required (non-skippable) or not, and choose the prompt message.

Finally, you can elect to have new leads sent to you via email as soon as they are finished watching so you can act on them fast (Core, Pro, Enterprise).

Lead capture is available on all plans - try it today!

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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