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Require Click vs Pause Until Click: What's the difference?

Pause Until Click will pause the video at the show time of the interaction.

With pause until click, the video will resume when any interaction on screen is clicked. It does not have to be the interaction that paused the video.

Require Click will pause the video at the hide time of the interaction if it has not been clicked yet. The video will only resume after this interaction (and any other interactions that are using require click hiding at the same time) have been clicked.

Pause Until Click and Require Click should not be used at the same time. Choose one that fits your needs per interaction.

Let's say you create a button that shows from 0:05 to 0:10.

If you turn on Pause Until Click for this interaction, the video will pause immediately at 0:05 when the interaction is first shown. Clicking any on-screen interaction will continue the video.

if you used Require Click instead, the video would pause at the end of it's time on screen, so at 0:10. The video would remain paused until this button is clicked, along with any others that require click.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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