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What is a Navigation? How do I use it?

Navigations can be thought of as "automatic" click actions that take place based on time in the video as opposed to viewer interaction.

Navigation options include:

Pause Video: Helpful for emphasizing the on-screen content or providing a break
Redirect Link: Skip the rest of video and open a web link at the time of your choosing
Change Time: Skip a section of the video by changing the time and continuing playback
Switch Video: Automatically branch to a different interactive video
Set Variable: Set a variable based on time in the video
Open Magic Menu: Automatically open the Magic Menu at a certain time.
Connector (GET Request): Execute a GET request to an endpoint of your choosing
Connector (POST Request): Execute a POST request to an endpoint of your choosing
Ask ChatGPT: Ask ChatGPT a question and use it to personalize the content via variables.
Switch to Previous Video: Automatically branch to the previous

You can add a navigation by pressing More and then selecting Navigation:

More > Navigation

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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