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How can I require an interaction to be clicked before advancing?

Frequently, you'll have one or more interactions on the screen that you want to ensure are clicked before the viewer advances.

To do this, use the Require Click setting on the interaction(s) you want clicked.

If an interaction is marked as Require Click and has not been clicked by the time it's supposed to hide, the video will pause and wait for the interaction to be clicked before continuing.

Require Click Setting

For example, say you added a button that shows from 0:01 to 0:15 and use the Require Click setting.

Viewer 1 is watching the video, and clicks the button when the video time is 0:10. Therefore, since the interaction has been clicked, it will hide at 0:15 and playback will continue normally.

Viewer 2 is watching the video and does not click the button. At 0:15, the video will pause since the button hasn't been clicked. Once clicked, the video will resume, unless there are other interactions are waiting for a click.

Requiring Multiple Interactions to be clicked

The Require Click functionality works the same when you need multiple interactions clicked before the video moves on.

If you had 5 hotspots that all show from 0:10 to 0:20 and all require click, the video would pause at 0:20 until each of them has been clicked.

To create a sense of progress for the viewer when clicking multiple items, you can use post-click states such as hidden or disabled to change the appearance and functionality of the interaction after it's clicked.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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