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What are Transcripts and how do they work?

Mindstamp's Transcript feature automatically transcribes the audio of your video into English captions.

These captions can be used in a few ways:
As closed captions on your video
As a searchable, clickable transcript for both editors and viewers
As a data source for the Genie AI assistant

How do I create a transcript?

Transcripts can be created for videos that have either been uploaded to Mindstamp directly, or those linked in MP4 format. We cannot create transcripts for HLS / M3U8 files at this time.

For new videos, you'll see a Create Searchable Transcript from Audio box that is able to be checked on Core+ plans:

For existing videos, you can head to the Transcript tab and either transcribe the video or upload captions to create a transcript:

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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