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Why isn't my Lead Capture showing?

Our Lead Capture feature allows you to collect name, email, phone, and more from your viewers.

Lead Capture can be configured to capture information at the time or action of your choosing.

There are two reasons why your lead capture form might not be showing up when you expect it to:

1. Lead form already completed

Mindstamp remembers viewers automatically, so if the lead form was already completed in a previous viewing or another video, it will not be shown again. All subsequent view + interaction activity will be attributed to the lead captured originally.

You can force lead capture to come up every time by enabling the Don't Remember Viewers setting:

2. Watching as Editor

When you are working on the video inside the editor, some features like Lead Capture will not be shown so as to not disrupt your workflow. You can use the Preview tab to see all features working just as they would for a viewer.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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