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How can I reduce the load time for an embedded video? How is Mindstamp performance-wise?

Interactive video is a complex media format that does come with a slight increase in load time due to the number of components involved in delivering the final experience.

Mindstamp takes great effort to deliver the smallest load size to end viewers to minimize impact on load times, including a global CDN, compression, code-splitting, caching, and more. We're always working to reduce the size of our videos at every opportunity.

To further decrease the load time of an embedded video, we have a few recommendations:

Use lazy-loading on the iframe embed to delay loading of the video until it's within the viewport

Ensure you are using our optimized streaming format (HLS) when creating a video in Mindstamp, which is faster than using a static video file like MP4

Use javascript to load the iframe embed at the time of your choosing (a few seconds after page load, if that fits your workflow), either via our dynamic embed code or your own simple timed load solution

Similarly, using the pop-out embed code ensures that no data is loaded from Mindstamp until the viewer clicks on the video. This changes the experience, but is the most lightweight way to serve videos while keeping your website fast.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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